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The UNIZUL Science Centre has a dedicated 1600m² exhibition space. These exhibititions promote hands on leaners and cover a wide field of sciences.Read more

BHP Billiton ECD Centre

The BHP Billiton ECD Centre was offically opened on the 09-09-2011. The UNIZUL Science Centre has partnered with TREE (Training Resources for Early Education) to run the ECD Centre.Read more


Experiements are performed in a workshop type of enviroment, where everything topic from electricity to DNA is covered. These workshop promise an educational adventure filled with enjoyment and understanding.Read more

Science Shows

Both fascinating and informative,These science shows will keep you amazed and thinking for hours. With expert presenters, each science show is an unique and rememberable experience.Read more

Science on the Move

The UNIZUL Science Centre host a large collection of outreach programmes, these include Science on the Move,Discovery Mobile, mobile exhibits (developed in-house), specialized science shows, highly interactive and informative workshops.Read more

Bridge Building Competitions

The UNIZUL Science Centre participates in a large number of special national programmes such as competitions, olympiads and focus weeks.Read more

  • Exhibition

    300+ Interactive Science Exhibits
  • BHP Billiton ECD Centre

    Africa's First Children's Museum
  • Workshops

    Science Workshops
  • Science Shows

    Dynamic and Educational Live Science Shows
  • Science on the Move

    Outreach Project
  • Bridge Building Competitions

    Science Competitions

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